What are the best ways to treat Common Dental Problems?

Dental problems are easily seen, feel, and identified. But are they easy to bear? Don’t think a Solution is needed to get rid of the problems? Here, is the answer to your question by following the  Common Dental Problems that can be easily identified and also the steps for the solution that will be taken. You also know that our mouth is home of bacteria where bacteria are ready to make a shelter in the gap of the teeth where the particles are stuck, causing plaque and tartar. Below are some frequently occurring dental problems. Tooth Decay Tooth Decay  is damage to a tooth’s surface. It also happens when bacteria in your mouth make acids that attack the enamel. Tooth decay can lead to cavities, which are holes in your teeth. If tooth decay is not treated, it can cause pain, infection, and even tooth loss. You can also brush your teeth properly with fluoride toothpaste twice a day, using floss and an interdentally brush at least once a day. Gum disease Gum disease   also called p

How does sugar damage your teeth?

Sugar has a Direct Connection to tooth decay . After eating foods that contain sugar, these molecules combine with saliva and bacteria present in the mouth. This combination leads to plaque on teeth. Left on teeth, plaque can dissolve enamel, which leads to cavities. The blog here discusses how  does sugar damages your teeth. The sugar reacts with the bacteria that live in the mouth. It’s the by-product of this that causes decay, the acid that rots the teeth. Basically, it’s not the sugar itself that damages your teeth, but rather the bacteria living in your mouth that feed on it. Are we consuming too much sugar? Sugar is naturally present in foods such as fruit. These natural sugars are less likely to affect your risk of tooth decay if you follow a good oral hygiene routine. Children are usually more vulnerable to tooth decay than adults, as their teeth are still developing and the enamel is softer and easier to damage. What are the Sugariest Foods and Drink Sugar-sweetened drinks, p

Why should you go to a Routine Dental Check-up?

Dental Check-up is a good thing. Routine dental check-ups are most important to the health of our teeth and gums. That also can save you time and money in the long run. Here are the most important benefits of a routine check-up. For Oral Cancer Screening Oral Cancer includes Cancers of the mouth and back of the throat.  Oral cancer develops on your tongue. The tissue lining of the mouths and gums, this cancer most often occurs in people at the age of 40. Oral cancer can quickly Progress without showing any signs or symptoms. Gum Disease Gum disease is a serious gum infection that damages the soft tissue. Without treatment, you can destroy the bone that supports your teeth. Gum disease is where the gums become red, swollen, and sore, it is very common, but must important to get it checked by a dentist. Gum disease is not only happening to older people. Teens can get it too. To treat Bad Breath Bad breath is also known as halitosis. Bad breath can also be made worse by the various type

Dental Care Tips: Keep your children healthy forever with Good Dental Habits

It is crucial to take care of dental hygiene of your children. There should not be any laxity. Also, it should be a priority to make your children aware from their tender age to take care of oral hygiene standards. It reaps health benefits in the long run. Here are a bunch of dental care tips suitable for your children. Periodical dental checkups The most effective step you can take is to take your children to a reputable dental clinic periodically. There should be check-ups, assessing the conditions of teeth and gum. Ensure you visit a dental clinic that has goodwill in the city. You should rely on its expertise. Brushing carefully It is vital to caringly brush the teeth of your children. You must use a toothbrush that is a certified product. Also, the toothbrush should have soft bristles. There should not be any compromise in this regard. Brushing twice a day Make it a habit for your children to brush teeth twice daily. It is an effective way to maintain good oral hygiene. It reduce

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Family Dentist

It should be a priority to take care of dental health. Most people focus on physical fitness. They miss the fact that teeth and oral hygiene are components of one’s physique. They should not be overlooked. A wise step is to appoint and consult a family dentist. Who is a Family Dentist? A family dentist, as the title suggests, is a dental health expert who looks after the teeth and oral hygiene of all family members. The family can directly contact him. There is a regular check-up. You need a family dentist because there are specific benefits. Read on. Benefit 1: No stress You don’t have to adjust your schedules and change plans to get checked by the family dentist. Repeated check-ups make everything hassle-free for you. Also, your kids get accustomed with the professional yet friendly approach of the dentist. So, you don’t have to worry on this matter. There is no stress. Benefit 2: The dental services are comprehensive You can be confidently about receiving comprehensive dental treatm

Pramukh Dental Care | Best Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad : Profile

Dentists of Pramukh Dental Care are certified experts with several years of extensive experience in the industry. You can trust on their advanced skills and insights, regarding dental care. Pramukh Dental Care is the   Best Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad . Our dentists have expertise in rendering a wide spectrum of dental care and oral health services at competitive rates. We have improved the dental health of several people till date. From routine check-ups to the beautification of smiles to treating   oral cancer , our services are prolific and result-oriented. Pramukh Dental Care : Profile facebook | twitter | instagram | linkedin | medium | tumblr | justpaste | reddit | quora | flickr | minds | livejournal | scoop | flipboard | slashdot | pinterest | plurk | imgbb | akonter | wordpress | | dzone | blogspot | wattpad | 500px | 4shared | pearltrees | diigo | issuu | folkd | mioola | brownbook | tupalo | jantareview | 40billion | enrollbusine

How to stop bad breath from the mouth – Causes and Treatment

Bad breath is a signal of poor oral hygiene. When you suffer from bad breath, it is embarrassing to interact with people. They might avoid you. Also, you would suffer from a low confidence level. The wise step is to consult with a top-notch dentist to properly address the issue. It is crucial to know the causes and treatments of bad breath. Read on. Cause 1: Not taking care of oral health When you neglect your oral health, you develop a bad breath. It has been observed that not maintaining the usual oral health standards lead to bad breath. You need to brush daily, twice. The toothpaste should contain fluoride. Moreover, it should be mandatory to brush your teeth before going to bed. There should not be any compromise. Moreover, when you rush through brushing your teeth, you can develop bad breath. Cause 2: Regular smoking and drinking When you smoke regularly, there is a high probability of developing bad breath. Also, when you frequently drink alcohol, it leads to developing bad bre